Making a difference


y-makaylaThe YMCA has made a difference in the life of young Makayla Davis.

“Her Sunday-school teacher even mentioned that she just couldn’t believe the difference in her behavior and participation at church,” said Makayla’s grandmother, Ann Criser.

“I gave the credit where it was due – to the daily environment here in childcare at the YMCA,” Criser said at the event marking the kickoff of the Y’s Annual Campaign on Oct. 30.

Makayla, 4, has had what her grandmother gently calls an untraditional upbringing – being separated from her mother and father for long stretches.  

She now lives with her grandmother, who enrolled her in the child-care program at the YMCA in February.

“What a blessing it has been,” said Criser. “The care and learning she has received is excellent. I go to work in Charlottesville every day with the firm knowledge that she is loved and safe and learning in every way they can think of.”

“As a friend of mine that is a trained health care professional said; they get it here – they really do. Kudos to you Jeff because you get it and your staff members get it – and the YMCA gets it. But we need your help to continue to serve the children like Makayla and families here in Waynesboro,” Criser said.

That’s what the Y is all about – people like Makayla, people like Bill Mayton, who told his story at the kickoff, about how he would be wheelchair-bound if not for the YMCA; about Lucile Graves, 82, who trots three miles a day on the treadmill; about Keegan Abar, who has been swimming at the Y since she was 3 and is now on track to be a Division I college swimmer.


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