Get in the pool

y swimming 2High-intensity aerobics, low-impact activity, a mix of both at lunch.

No, we’re not talking about the exercise room upstairs. We’re talking about the indoor pool at the YMCA downstairs.

“It’s a busy place,” said Denise Hill, the head of the aquatics program at the Y, which offers programs ranging from the water-aerobics classes to youth and adult swim lessons to lifeguarding classes for teens and young adults.

The class schedule includes:

– Sunrise Splash – (Monday – Friday 8:15 a.m.)
Wake up your senses with this high intensity aqua class to start your day off right. The class concentrates on strength training components for upper- and lower-body, including water-resistance equipment. Great for cross-training and all levels of fitness.

– Smooth Moves – (M/W/F, 9-10 a.m.)
Gentle exercise with the amplified effect of water, loosens the muscles and joints of the body and washes away worries and concerns from the mind. It is for anyone and can be especially helpful to people with limited capabilities such as arthrities, injuries or are overweight and might be uncomfortable iwth conventional yoga or other forms of exercise.

– Arthritis Foundation Water Aerobics – (Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30 a.m.)
This aquatic class is low impact and is designed specifically for the person with arthritis. Activities including dance, volleyball and games will enable the participant to enjoy movement in a different way.

– Seniors Surprise – (Tuesday and Thursday, 12 noon)
This low-intensity class will provide benefits including greater joint range of motion, muscle strengthening, cardiovascular stimulation, and fun interaction.

– Happy Ducks – (M/W/F 1-2 p.m.), ages 55 and older
A great way to meet people and get a water workout at the same time. This program is designed to create camaraderie and develop spirit, mind and body!

– Private Swim Lessons
Many adults just did not ahve an opportunity to learn to swim as a child and would like to experience the fun everyone else seems to be having. Private lessons let you learn as fast as your can manage but not a bit faster. You will be amazed after only one lesson. It is hard to hold back the smile when you learn so much so fast. Contact the Aquatic Department to book an instructor: 540.943.9622.

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