Free H1N1 flu shots at the Y

health-care2The Waynesboro Health Department and the Waynesboro YMCA are teaming up to offer free H1N1 flu shots on Saturday, Feb. 13.

The flu shots will be done in the Lucy Coyner Gymnasium at the YMCA from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The relative silence on H1N1 in recent weeks isn’t a sign that we’re out of the woods as far as the possible spread of the flu virus.

“The flu isn’t over with yet. It’s still going around. It’s tapered off, but we still highly recommend that people get vaccinated,” said Melissa Donahue, the Medical Reserve Corps coordinator for the Central Shenandoah Health District.

People receiving the free vaccines will be asked to fill out an information form before they can get their vaccines.

Donahue estimates the time for the whole process, from signup to receiving the vaccine, at about two minutes per person.

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