Lose 2 Win!

weight lossThe Waynesboro YMCA is kicking off a 10-week weight-loss competition for the community on Monday, March 15.

Lose 2 Win will determine who can lose the most weight/body fat in a healthy manner.

Participants will have four weigh-ins – during the weeks of March 15-19, April 5-9, April 26-30 and then the week of May 16-19.

For more information on the program, you can download the Lose 2 Win brochure to print on your home or office computer.

You can also call the YMCA at 540.943.YMCA (9622) or e-mail waynesborofamilyymca@gmail.com.

Want more information?

Stop by the front desk or contact us by email or phone.


  • Bob

    I am a participant in the Lose 2 Win contest. This is the 3rd such contest I have entered. I have spoken with several other contestants and we agree the way in which the contest is being run is not acceptable. There should be updated postings of team and individual placements and results. ( % wt. loss) For there to be motivation through contest form there must be competetive goals to strive for, such as seeing where you stand in the contest. I hope things improve seeing as we all paid $20 each to participate. Also, what are the prizes? Thankls!


    The results are posted at the “Y” on the wall going towards the weight machines room., I saw it the other week.

  • Fife


    One of the prizes is a week at a house in Massanutten ($600 value).