A little Zumba to deal with the fitness blahs

So you’re the type that isn’t much into exercise for the sake of exercise. Lifting weights and running on a treadmill – thanks, but no thanks. Can’t get motivated to do that.

A dance class, though – you know, there might be something to that.

“It’s exercise in disguise. It’s like being at a party rather than at a fitness class,” said Trish LaGrua, who teaches Zumba classes at the Waynesboro Family YMCA.

LaGrua is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor who also teaches yoga and spinning classes. She has the most fun with Zumba, which mixes a number of Latin-based dances with a full-body workout.

You don’t have to have dance experience to be able to participate. The classes are also designed for a variety of fitness levels.

“I give them so many variations and modifications. It really is the case that anybody could do the class,” LaGrua said.

The best part – you don’t think about how you’re working out, though you’re really getting a great workout in with the dance elements providing aerobic training and the work on core exercises involving the abs giving you what you need in terms of an anaerobic workout.

“The songs are fun. Every song has a great rhythm, a great feel. And everybody is smiling. I notice that when I watch the class. They’re smiling, they’re enjoying it. Sometimes they’re laughing at themselves. But they’re always enjoying themselves,” LaGrua said.


Zumba class schedule

– Monday 6-7 p.m.: Zumba with abs
– Tuesday 10-10:45 a.m.: Zumba
– Saturday 9-10 a.m.: Zumba with abs


For more information

Call the front desk at 540.943.9622.

Want more information?

Stop by the front desk or contact us by email or phone.


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  • Colleen Atchison

    I wish there were more Zumba classes offered in the evenings for those of us that work during the day. I often go to the Staunton Y as they offer the Zumba 3 evenings a week and I am considering changing my membership from Waynesboro to Staunton. I assume the Waynesboro Y is a smaller less populated gym and it may not have the draw to justify more classes. I would like to praise Trish for her excellent lead!! I really like Cynthia and appreciate her effort but I find her work out much less effective. Might I suggest her classes be described for the beginner or the senior crowd? She tends to loose her place often therefore stopping the the consistent level of the increased heart rate. I have also found she tends to base the class more on warm up excercises rather than more intense cardio.