Heritage Club

The Waynesboro Family YMCA will be hosting its third annual Heritage Club Dinner this fall for those individuals that have made an estate gift into the Waynesboro YMCA Endowment Fund.

The Endowment Fund currently has over 40 living members that have made a legacy gift to assist the YMCA mission to not only serve today’s youth and families but ensure future generations will have the opportunities for programming that impact the mind, body and spirit.

For more information on the dinner or to inquire on ways to make a lasting gift to the Waynesboro YMCA Endowment Fund please contact Jeff Fife at 540.943.9622.

Inaugural members of the Heritage Club

Forrest & Betty Arehart
Bernie & Liz Barnhart
John & Theresa Curry
Ann Egleston
Charlie & Karen Fairchilds
Jeff & Sue Fife
Mark & Madilyn Graves
Reo Hatfield
Bill & Kyle Hausrath
Bill Jongeward & Mary McDermott
Randy & Cary McGann
Lee Quillen & Sandy Trujillo
Burnie & Carol Powers
Ruth & Ray Quillen
Rob & Pam Rule
Kirk & Virginia Snell

2009 Additions to the Heritage Club

John Cabell Jr. & Lynn Lawson
Ron & Kathy Denney
DuBose Egleston Jr.
Robin & Patsy Hersey
Scott & Barger Jeutter-Roberston
Carl & Cheryl Rosberg
Don & Polly Weaver
Dan & Sue Woodworth

Want more information?

Stop by the front desk or contact us by email or phone.