Singing the Y’s praises

Mother finds structured environment for son in Y preschool

For Sherri Mayo, the Waynesboro Y is a caring environment for her 5-year-old son, Cooper, who is enrolled in the pre-K class at the Y.

“There is never a day when I take him to his class that I am concerned about his care. I know he is in a learning environment that is structured, but he also has so much fun!” Mayo said.

Through the pre-K program at the Y, Cooper gets to visit the library weekly, take swimming lessons, go on field trips – and importantly get ready for kindergarten.

“His teachers are amazing,” Mayo said. “They are very knowledgeable and caring. Rebecca, the childcare director, is completely hands on and always there for support of the parents and her staff.”

Mayo’s family and friends are already aware of what the Y means to her family.

“I talk about the program and other activities that we are involved in there all of the time,” she said.

“I highly recommend the Waynesboro Y childcare program to anyone looking for a place to take great care of their most precious gifts!” Mayo said.

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