Y alum gives back

Nathe donates time on locker room renovation

David Nathe spent a lot of his time in his formative years at the Waynesboro YMCA.

Now Nathe, a Chicago architect who works with YMCAs across the country on facilities improvements, is giving back to his hometown Y.

“What I can do for this project is bring the experience of a lot of other Ys to Waynesboro. My goal is to empower the board at the Y to make decisions like a high-powered board at a Y in Chicago or New York City and have as much information at their fingertips as those Ys do,” said Nathe, an architect with Daxko T2 Consulting, who is donating his time and services to the Waynesboro Y for the Y’s ladies locker room renovation project.

A former Shenandoah Marlins Aquatic Club swimmer in his youth, Nathe worked for YMCA of the USA before taking his current job, which has him working still with Ys in addition to other nonprofits looking to address facilities needs.

Nathe got involved with the project in Waynesboro after Waynesboro Y executive director Jeff Fife reached out to his childhood friend.

“We ate lunch together in high school,” Nathe said. “I’m happy to be able to help a friend and to help Waynesboro. And to be able to help the Y in particular is personally gratifying. Growing up as a YMCA kid and SMAC swim team member, it’s nice for me to be able to give back,” Nathe said.

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