Water is the great equalizer

beatrice brownFriends and family of Beatrice Brown would never have guessed her to find exercising in the water to be something she looks forward to daily.

As you have heard it said before: “Never say never.”

How many of us have fears of the water? Are you suffering from back pain? Do you have arthritis? Is your diabetes under control?

Water fitness might be the key for you.

According to an article from Joslin Diabetes Center, “This low-impact aerobic exercise is less stress on your joints, bones, and muscles than most land-based aerobic exercises such as running. Being in the water makes it easier to lift and move different parts of your body, which increases your range of motion and flexibility. Also, the water pressure cushions your submerged body parts, which helps decrease swelling around the joints.”

Brown started with the Waynesboro YMCA water aerobics program last summer. She could not swim, but needed something that would be low impact and aerobic.

She stayed close to the side of the pool in the beginning.  Over time, she was able to overcome her fear of the water.

The benefits she gains due to water aerobics include lessen back pain, more mobility, and friendships.  Now, Brown looks forward to her water aerobics class.

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