Couple bonds over personal training workouts at Waynesboro YMCA

dave mirra sue clarkAn article in the Waynesboro Y Magazine drew Sue Clark to reach out to Regina Lewis, a personal trainer at the Y.

Clark and her fiancée, Dave Mirra, had just moved to Waynesboro after retiring from the Stafford County school system, and they had been on the lookout for a place to work out.

Clark has been weight training for six years, and she was drawn by the article to seek out Lewis, a world champion bodybuilder.

“I had done power lifting in the past, and when I met Regina, I liked her style, her strength training, the approach to conditioning that she has, and it felt like a perfect fit,” said Clark, who has been training under Lewis since September.

Mirra joins in for two of the training sessions each week, involving weight training, cross training, conditioning, and some stretching, “which is something that isn’t in my wheelhouse,” he said.

“That’s an area where we coax each other to do more,” Clark said. “She’s an expert yogi, and I like yoga, too. Dave, not so much, but we can push each other, support each other, and it helps to do that in a relaxed atmosphere.”

Mirra has made dramatic improvements since beginning the training sessions, losing 10 pounds, and perhaps more importantly, “I just feel good,” he said.

Lewis has worked with Mirra on a program that has helped him strengthen his lower body after a hip replacement.

“I can squat with confidence after a hip replacement. That’s remarkable,” he said. “She understands my limitations, and I know that I can push the edge of the envelope without getting hurt, with confidence.”

The improved fitness is important for Clark and Mirra, who were attracted to Waynesboro for their retirement years because they love the access to hiking, biking and other outdoor recreational activities.

To that end, when they decided to get married, they decided to forego the engagement ring tradition to do something unique to their lifestyle.

“That’s how I knew Sue was the right one,” Clark said. “She said, Let’s not get an engagement ring. Let’s get ATVs.”

Yes. Engagement ATVs.

“When I posted the news to Facebook, all my friends are saying, Let’s see the bling. I posted my picture of my emerald ATV. Brand new, shiny.”

“I got a titanium one,” Mirra said.

Story by Chris Graham

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