Swim Lessons

DSC_6036_DxOThe Waynesboro Family YMCA has taught thousands of people, young and old, in the Valley how to swim. Regardless of your age or ability, we have trained staff to assist you in your growth and development. Please contact us for assistance in finding the appropriate time and skill level that meets your needs. We look forward to serving you.


For a free skills assessment or more information:
(540) 943-9622 Ext. 206



$44 for 8 weeks
$35 for 6 weeks

Program Member
$80 for 8 weeks
$60 for 6 weeks



Fall I – 8 week session (No class September 5)

  • Monday: August 22-October 10
  • Tuesday: August 23-October 11
  • Wednesday: August 24-October 12
  • Thursday: August 25-October 13
  • Friday: August 26-October 14
  • Saturday: August 27-October 15

Fall II – 8 week session (No class week of November 21)

  • Monday: October 17-December 12
  • Tuesday: October 18-December 13
  • Wednesday: October 19-December 14
  • Thursday: October 20-December 15
  • Friday: October 21-December 16
  • Saturday: October 22-December 17

Interim Week: December 18-January 7



Ages 6 months – 3 years with parent

MONDAY 10-10:30 am
FRIDAY 5:15-5:45 pm
SATURDAY 9-9:30 am

This class is designed to give parents, and their child an early introduction to water safety, and beginning swim techniques. Instructors will focus on water comfort and safety for both the child and the parent and structure the class to include songs, games, instruction, and free time.



Ages 3-5 years without parent

MONDAY 9-9:30 am
TUESDAY 5:30-6 pm
WEDNESDAY 2-2:30 pm
THURSDAY 2-2:30 pm
FRIDAY 5:45-6:15 pm
SATURDAY 9:30-10 am

Pike: Instructors will focus on getting swimmers acclimated to the water, how to balance in the water and paddling on their fronts and backs.
Eel: Instructors will focus on refining body position in the water, stroke development on the front, back and side and being able to swim 15 feet without a flotation device.

MONDAY 10:30-11 am
TUESDAY 6-6:30 pm
WEDNESDAY 2:30-3 pm
THURSDAY 2:30-3 pm
FRIDAY 6:15-6:45 pm
SATURDAY 10 am – 10:30 am

Ray: Swimmers will no longer be using flotation devices at this level and instructors will work with swimmers to improve stroke technique and swim 25 feet unassisted using front and back crawl as well as sidestroke and elementary backstroke.
Starfish: Swimmers will learn to swim the full length of the pool unassisted using front and back crawl, sidestroke and elementary backstroke. The instructors will also focus on teaching level body position, rhythmic breathing and rotary head movement.



Ages 6-12 years without parent

TUESDAY 5:20-6 pm
FRIDAY 5-5:40 pm
SATURDAY 10:30 am – 11:10 am
Polliwog: This class is specially designed for children who are just learning to swim. Instructors will use flotation devices to assist swimmers with water safety and orientation while focusing on the front and back crawl.
Guppy: This class is specially designed for children who may still need assistance in the pool. Swimmers will learn how to swim 15 yards with minimal assistance, master rhythmic breathing and will be introduced to rotary breathing techniques.

TUESDAY 4:40-5:20 pm
FRIDAY 5:40-6:20 pm
SATURDAY 11:10-11;50 am

Minnow: This class is specially designed for children who can swim without assistance. Swimmers will learn to complete 1-2 lengths of the pool without stopping, master the breaststroke and be introduced to dolphin kick and overarm recovery.
Fish: This class is specially designed for children who can swim 25 yards without assistance. Swimmers will learn how to swim 50 yards of each stroke (front, back, breast and side) without stopping and be introduced to butterfly and open turns.

TUESDAY 6-6:45 pm
SATURDAY 11:50 am-12:30 pm

Flying Fish/Shark: This class is specially designed for children who can swim without assistance. Swimmers will learn how to swim each stroke (breast, front, back, side and butterfly) 100 yards without stopping, master starts,flip turns, open turns and pullouts and be able to complete a 200 individual medley.



Ages 3-16 years

Aquatic exercise is highly recommended for children with special needs. Most children are able to learn to swim with patient, caring swim instructors. This program is open to children with (but not limited to) Autism, Cerebral Palsy, MS, Down syndrome, and physical limitations. Parents work with the instructor to set goals and the children work one-on-one with an instructor over the course of 6 weeks to reach those goals. Please contact the aquatics office at (540) 943-9622 x206 for more information.



All ages

1 Lesson: $20/$40
3 Lessons: $55/$110
6 Lessons: $100/$200

Individual instruction, half hour lessons with one of our instructors for the best results. Instructors will work hard to develop a personalized program for swimmers of any age or ability.



1 Lesson: $30/$60
3 Lessons: $84/$168
6 Lessons: $156/$312

One single instructor for 2 children, half hour lesson. Semiprivate lessons are an affordable alternative to group lessons with more individualized attention.



Ages 13 and up

TUESDAY 6:45-7:305 pm
SATURDAY 12-12:45 pm

Instructors help to build skills, confidence and endurance in the pool. Beginner swimmers, not comfortable in the water, will learn the basics including putting their face in the water, floating on their back, and basic front and back crawl, with or without a flotation device. Swimmers who are comfortable in the water will work on basic strokes and learning how to lap swim.

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