Annual Report

Our endowment hit the $1,000,000 mark in 2014, and we inducted 12 new members into the Heritage Club making 44 living members that have made a commitment in their estate to the YMCA. We are also thrilled to announce that the YMCA is currently debt free.

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Debt vs Endowment 2005-14



2014 Revenue by Category



2014 Expenses by Category



2014 Annual Campaign Donors

Thank you to our generous donors. This is a listing of 2014 Annual Campaign Donors and jumpstart 2015 donors of gifts prior to 4/20/15. Please note these gifts do not include event sponsors of which there are too many to list here.


Virginia Ross

SMAC Boosters Club

Sarah Jones Trust (Endowment)
John & Ruth Lawrence (Endowment)

Community Foundation of
the Central Blue Ridge
Shell Oil
Waynesboro Basketball Club
Motiva Enterprises
Bob and Patty Rouse
REO Distribution Services
Rob and Pam Rule

Pete Rufe
Zeh Plumbing & Heating
Gene & Mary Meadows
Charlie & Karen Fairchilds
Jeane Custin
Hershey Chocolate
GE Foundation
Greater Augusta Association
of Realtors

John Cabell, Sr
Cindy Davis
Walmart Foundation
Ann Eggleston
United Way of Greater
Robin Hersey
Catalogue Systems, Inc
(Stacey Strawn)
Mark & Jean Droughman
John Matherly, CPA
Kutley Kaya
Jim & Kelly Hyson
Lee Quillen
Stan & Patty Quillen
Frank Carey & Mary Mannix
Carl & Cheryl Rosberg
Jim & Linda Perkins
Chad & Lori Hatter

Leonard Graf
Plaza Azteca
Paul Kanagy
Jeff Stowers

Norm Anderson
Sam & Melissa Hostetter
Bob Gunther
Danny & Jennifer Ledford
Sanofi Foundation
Bill & Edie Eckman
Fidelity Charitable Gift Funds
Jan Leeth
Bill & Kay Mayton
Valley Pediatric Group
Jim Wilson
Christopher Heck
Dutch Waldbauer
Schuyler Giles
Paul Dana
Francis Gaynor
Christine Johnson
Randy & Cary McGann

Other Gifts: Over 200 additional gifts to the Y that are too numerous to fit on this page but greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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