Our annual campaign donors make it possible for children, families and adults to have access to Y programs that improve their lives. We strive to keep values-based youth programs and fees affordable by subsidizing some of the real costs. That’s one way we partner with you to make a difference.

But we know that some individuals and families struggle to pay the rent, put food on the table and buy clothes for their kids. They need financial assistance to come to the Y. Through the annual campaign, we make sure that our doors are open to all. Your support helps thousands of youth and families live healthier and happier lives.

Yes, you know the problems we face. Now you know that the Y is your partner, standing up and making a difference with YOU!

Together we can do so much more!


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Your gift makes a difference to families in our community.
A gift of $25 could pay for a child to take martial arts
A gift of $44 could pay for a child to take 8 swim lesson classes
A gift of $75 could pay for pizza for 135 kids on Friday nights
A gift of $90 could pay for a child to participate in our basketball league
A gift of $318 could pay for 6 months membership for a single parent family
A gift of $545 could pay for a young child to participate in a full season of SMAC swimming
A gift of $720 could pay for a child to attend summer camp
A gift of $1000 could be designated for any number of programs or simply put to facility improvements


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